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Carpet Set, standard, nylon, red, LHD, 3 Synchro - MGB GT

Carpet Set, standard, nylon, red, LHD, 3 Synchro – MGB GT

Standard Carpet Kits
Our standard carpet kits are manufactured from good quality carpet but do not have a moulded gearbox tunnel section. All carpet pieces are supplied flat without underfelt backing, edges are bound with braiding (where originally bound). Kits also include separate pieces of underfelt to go under the gearbox tunnel and footwell carpets. These carpet kits require more trimming, particularly around the tunnel, but give a nearer original look.

Premium Carpet Kits
Our premium range of carpet kits are manufactured to exacting standard from high quality carpet to give a perfect fit & finish to your MGB’s interior. They are easier to install as the gearbox tunnel carpet is moulded with a flexible felt backing, contouring the gearbox tunnel perfectly. All sections of the carpet are die cut for accuracy and where required are felt backed to maintain shape and help reduce cockpit noise. Where required carpets are bound with a stitched vinyl edging which gives a smart finish to footwell and floor carpets.

472.33 - Excl. btw

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