Hood, folding frame, vinyl (OE), black, fixed rear window (1970-76)

Hood, folding frame, vinyl (OE), black, fixed rear window (1970-76)

Our range of hoods is made to the highest standard using only quality materials and original factory bucks and jigs to ensure quality and accuracy of fit, by staff with over 100 years experience of hood manufacturing. There were two types of hood available for these later MGB models, based on the same black folding frame. The hood is basically the same for both applications. However, 1970-76 models have a fixed rear window, whilst 1976 on models feature a zipped rear window, this allows greater ventilation. These hoods are interchangeable – the zipped hood can be fitted to earlier cars if desired.

We offer a range of materials to suit your requirements.

Vinyl – Our OE grade vinyl is a heavy weight vinyl of equal quality to that used during production by MG and comes from the original supplier. This is the closest match to the original hood. Our aftermarket vinyl is a good quality material but lighter weight.

Double Duck – This is a canvas based material that was a traditional choice for hood making. It is a strong durable material but can be prone to fading.

Mohair – This material offers a ‘canvas’ look and is fade resistant.



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